Thursday, June 11, 2009

One-way ticket to a beach near you

The Ruby Creek rig rumbled out of Burlington, WA this afternoon with the first two demo model Rubicon Standup Paddle boards from Tahoe Board Works to hit the Northwest. The boards would have headed straight for the beach but they're still waiting for fins. Your first chance to hit the waves on this hot new board will come real soon. Keep an eye out. Meanwhile check out Tahoe's web site and promotional video including a surreal image of hundreds of paddlers walking on water at the start of a race event. Crazy, but fun.

These links capture some of the excitement of Tahoe SUP and the sport.

The thermoformed Rubicons (MSRP $1,350) are being made for NW dealers by none other than the pros at Eddyline Kayaks in Burlington. The boards are already winning races and capturing the respect of the best SUP paddlers on the water, for durability, speed and tracking ability inherent to the displacement hull design.

Stay tuned!

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