Thursday, June 11, 2009

Boston Harbor Hospitality

That is some rental fleet, eh? Boston Harbor Marina is devoted to the locally-built, insanely durable, easy to paddle Eddyline brand.

Last week I was privileged to hang out for an evening with the Boston Harbor Marina crew, plus a staff sales clinic on Eddyline, Stohlquist, and Bending Branches the following morning. Not only did everyone come out and participate with some awesome questions and comments that focused on how every guest can leave happy and eager to come back, but I spent the night sweetly dreaming on Colin's parents' sailboat at the end of the marina dock. What a way to decompress for a few peaceful hours in the midst of a pushy road trip.

Devoted exclusively to the Eddyline product line, Boston Harbor had sold a couple of the new Eddyline Journeys, and I got to be the guy who delivered the new boats. They've been in use in BHM's rental fleet already, and the model is really taking off with folks who are seeking a solid, stable ride like the Equinox, in a stylish, longer and faster boat that will remind you of the Fathom.

Many many thanks to Don, Pam, Clayann, Colin & family, and the entire BHM crew for your time, attention, and friendship. Just one more reminder why so many of us are addicted to being in this business... the amazing people we meet along the way.

I awoke to this view from the deck of the sailboat where I spent the night. Tough life.

Hank Heron, calm and cool ruler of the dock.

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