Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Feelin' all kinds of Emotion

145 Emotions to be exact. They rumbled in from Emotion Kayaks' Pennsylvania plant to Ruby Creek's Anacortes boathouse last Friday the 5th of June. Ryan Murray and I were pretty excited when the doors on the trailer opened on big stacks of plastic-wrapped Emotion Kayaks. 2-1/2 hours later, 115 of them were were sorted, stacked, and squeezed into Ruby Creek's precious space, waiting for new homes on the West Coast.

Stacks of Spitfires...

Towers of Temptations and Bubble-wrapped Blisses...

Mucho Mojos, and Tandemoniums, CoMotions, Grand Slams and AdvantEdges.

And here's Ryan Murray strapping down the last boat on Ruby Creek's faithful gear-hauling rig, loaded up and heading North with 22 boats for Emotion's newest dealer, LFS Marine in Bellingham. GM Zack Miller plans to use some for his new rental program and the rest for sale to the folks who just have to have one of their own.

**thanks Ryan, you're awesome and Ruby Creek really appreciates your help**

With a handful more for Alki Kayak Tours and Ship to Shore Marine, by 8:30am the next morning Washington's kayak dealers had 30 more boats to show their customers, rent to families, and brighten up their shops.

For some awesome action shots of the Emotion fleet, including a smiling George Gronseth and yours truly, 200+ lbs each, with Ethan's 165 lbs filming from the bow making it nearly 600 pounds all together and paddling rock solid in the Tandemonium, check it out on the Happy Paddlin' blog along with more industry news and product info.

Next post will be a current inventory of Emotion stock in Anacortes, to be updated regularly.

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