Sunday, December 21, 2008

Now THAT was cool... actually warm.

WAY off topic here, but I got invited to the Seahawks' final home game of the season today. My 3 bros-in-law and I got to see a snow game, and I got to check out the value of my Warmers surf hood in extreme land-based situations. Warmers and Stohlquist are sister brands, and the neoprene products from Warmers are about the best value on the market.
I've been upside down in 45-degree water with the Surf Hood on, and rolled up with no ice cream headache, but what about in a 25-degree football stadium in a blinding snowstorm? Even though our current weather made the gridiron look more like Lambeau than Qwest Field, I stayed toasty warm... was it the Warmers, or the closeness of family? OK, enough sappy stuff. It was definitely the Hood.
Something else cool... the Seahawks won, pushing their record to 4-11 on the year. Nice way to start Christmas week!

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