Sunday, December 21, 2008

DP Dash Links & 2009 Date

Outdoor Adventure Center has announced that they'll be hosting the Dash again in 2009. The date is Saturday December 12, with the start at approximately 11am.

Meanwhile here are all the links I've gathered to photo images, videos and news coverage of the 2008 Dash. PLEASE, if you copy and use any of this material, ask permission of the originator, and give credit when you use their material. Thanks, and enjoy...

Mark Whitaker (Red Alder Ranch)
Blog -
Pics - Paddler Magazine's Christian Knight laments his 3-minute beatdown by Sherri Cassuto ...the uber-anticipated edited video of the race from Steve Weileman and Jason Goldstein of Essex Explorations. Dig it! Matt Kelly's writeup of the race Ruby Creek Boathouse blog is Michael Cline's video of the start Michael Lampi's action shots from the pedal boat. thanks Michael! Awesome article in the Skagit Herald by Vince Richardson Rodger Funk's blog Sean Watson's pictures Rick & Nancy Lamb's (& more from Sean Watson) 200+ images. Amazing standing-wave action in Canoe Pass. The Lambs' caveat... "We do ask that if you wish to re-use any of our images that you politely ask us first." Please respect their wishes as they are professional photographers and extremely generous to share these shots with us. Video (pt 1 of 2) filmed by Dubside and Andrew "Dash Point Pirate" Elizaga

Brian Boatman's stern deck video (OC2) -

Stina Larson's pics -

Michael Cline's images on Flickr -

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