Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dig my Costa del Mar Shades... and a trip to Boston Harbor

I just spent the last two days piloting the Ruby Creek rig around Western WA after a major snowfall. The weather was sunny and beautiful, and all the more so with my Costa del Mar Fathom shades. How do I dig these beautiful specs? About 350 sunny, normally snowblind miles worth of eyes that ended up fresh and ready for more. On my road trip I took no pictures... couldn't let go of the steering wheel since my knuckles were a little whitish on the icy roads... but I met some cool new people and got to wish a Merry Christmas to some old friends in this awesome business.

Tom and Lisa Derrer at Eddyline were digging out from the first couple dumps of snow, with another soon to follow, but they got me loaded up with four new Equinoxes (or is it Equinii?) for Don, Pam, Clayann and the crew at Boston Harbor Marina. Before heading South to drop off their boats, I continued North to Belingham and checked in with Chris Gerston at Backcountry Essentials. Chris has been in business almost three years and he's doing an amazing job serving the climbing, backpacking and ski communities in B'ham. Stop by and say hello at his place on Holly Street, just a few blocks before you get to my favorite Mexican eatery, Jalapeno's.

A "potential killer" storm was scheduled for 4pm today, so I headed South for Olympia in the morning, hoping to beat the next layer of snow on the roads and get Clayann's boats off my racks and into their shop. If you haven't visited Boston Harbor Marina, get out there! Even on a snowy December day, things were hopping by the water with happy folks warming up around a warm fire, downing a cup of chowder and sharing some cheer. I can't wait to run back down there again in the warmer months and actually see the islands that they told me are out there. Thanks for your hospitality, crew, and I'm sorry I bugged out so quick.

Merry Christmas everyone, and thanks for reading!

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