Friday, March 27, 2009

Paddlers research a tragedy

"The Island of Lost Souls"... sounds like a place you'd find in some half-world between here and an afterlife. This trip is a little bit like that, and explorers Steve Weileman, Jason Goldstein and Brad Miller will be on their way in May to find it.

Their project will take them by Alaska Ferry to Wrangell, where they'll paddle 200 miles round trip to Coronation Island, scene in 1908 of a "disaster without parallel" in which the vessel Star of Bengal was wrecked in a storm with over 100 crew crushed to death in the wreckage on the rocks.

Steve shot some excellent video at the last two Deception Pass Dash races but this trip will challenge the photography, paddling and research skills of these superbly qualified explorers. Wish them safe travels along with me, and follow the updates to their trip at Essex Explorations' web site.

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