Friday, March 5, 2010

LaPush Pummel 2010 wrap

The LaPush Pummel was another huge success with beautiful weather and lovely waves. The shoulder still kept this paddler outta the surf but an awesome time was had by everyone who got out there. Gorgeous sunset, an easy & peaceful paddle through the relics in the harbor and upriver on the Quileute, and some great times with old paddling friends. All this sandwiched between breathtaking trips West- and Eastbound past Lake Crescent.

Gary Luhm’s web site shows the real action at the Pummel. Take a look, and keep in mind he’s an award-winning professional photographer, so please let Gary know if you’re interested in using any of his photos. His contact info is below.

Gary Luhm Photography
Specializing in sea kayaking, kayak surfing, birding, mountain scenics,

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