Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rockpool's newest kayak

“Hey I need a new boat… can I try yours?” is usually a recipe for a good day on the water, and this day was no exception. My buddy Wade was looking for a new kayak and wanted to put my Rockpool Alaw Bach TCC through the ringer. Since I’m just a little big for the boat at 6’3”, 210, and Wade is a little shorter -- not to mention a more skilled and aggressive paddler -- this seemed like a great moment to get some pics of the boat in action.

Photographic evidence: the boat looks sweet on the water…

…edges nicely…

…and by golly, check out the nice balance on its side.

Wade dug the boat and, last update, is waiting for his tax refund.

For a little more about the boat, check out this terrific video -- complete with great tunes, so turn up the volume -- from Daniel Arbuckle at Penguin Paddlers in California!

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