Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stand Up, my brothers & sisters!

Tahoe Board Works' top-of-the-Line "Woody", for standin' up in style

Woooooo hooo!
What a great time to be part of Eddyline Kayaks, as our good friends in Burlington are partnering with Tahoe Board Works to build a Stand-up Paddleboard with a Carbonlite shell for amazing durability. The Carbonlite "Rubicon" will join Tahoe's gorgeous "Woody" in their line of innovative touring boards. Here are a couple of shots from Eddyline's manufacturing plant where the first prototypes were finished last week:
Here's a little bit of what my boy Ethan had to say about the opportunity to bring these fine looking boards to a paddlesports or surf shop near you:

Greetings, We are thrilled to announce the representation of Tahoe Board Works ( ). Here's what caught our attention and gives Tahoe Stand Up Paddleboards the winning edge:
  • Displacement Hull -- Unlike planing/flat bottom boards, these boards will track and cut waves like a kayak/canoe.
  • ThermoFormed Carbonlite Models (Rubicon)-- Industry leader in ThermoForming, Eddyline Kayaks, is helping Tahoe Board Works develop and manufacture ThermoFormed boards at affordable prices ($1100-$1395) out of Carbonlite. Carbonlite is harder than resin and easily repaired. The extruded seam offers even more protection against paddle and rock impact.
  • Double Fin System for flatwater tracking, on board gear bag, and tie downs on deck.
  • Glass/Epoxy and Wood/Epoxy/Bamboo (Woody) from $2000-$3000. Beautiful!
  • Made in the USA

The kayak industry can learn a lot from how fun and ACCESSIBLE paddling SUPs can be. Tahoe Board Work's has wisely blended the allure of this new sport with state of the art kayak manufacturing processes and hull designs. More information, videos and testimonials to come!


  1. Great info Bill, thanks. It's fun to see kayak designers now doing sup's. Check out my blog on other new innovations on sup's and safety on the water,

    Rob Casey