Thursday, February 19, 2009

Need a drysuit gasket replacement?

You want this to happen to your neck? You sure?
This was some creative usage of velcro and a massive load of Aquaseal by a previous owner of his dry suit, but my friend Franz decided it was time to pony up for a new seal. Ruby Creek got it on a Tuesday, repaired it that night, shipped it out the next day, and Franz was on the water Friday. Simple as that.

If you can't get down to your local kayak shop, where I always recommend you go first for service, here's how it works to get your Kokatat, Palm, Stohlquist, NRS, or IR suit's latex neck, wrist, or ankle replaced here at Ruby Creek:

1. Tell me it's coming, by email to, or phone 206-940-6269.

2. Tell me your neck, wrist, or ankle size, as the case may be.

3. Ship or deliver your suit to Ruby Creek World HQ at:

1166 Viewpoint Drive
Oak Harbor WA 98277
phone (required for UPS) 206-940-6269

4. Include a check for the following, which includes replacement gasket, installation labor, 303 protection on all your gaskets including your old ones, cleaning/lube on your zippers, WA sales tax and return shipping:
  • neck: $85
  • wrist or ankle (including latex socks; please specify open ankle seal or latex sock): $48 for one, $40 each for additional
5. I'll adjust the invoice amount if you provide your own seals, or if you'll be picking up your suit instead of having me ship it. Let me know this before you send the check.

6. Please include your shipping address, phone number, and email address when you contact me.

7. In most circumstances I can guarantee that the suit will be at your door one week after I receive it. Usually it's way faster. But confirm a solid date with me before you send your suit.

Unless you request otherwise I use OS Systems gaskets. I use Aquaseal to glue your new gasket to the remaining one inch or so of your old one. This is standard procedure as recommended by Kokatat, but is not used by everyone. I don't repair dry suit fabric, or install fabric socks.

Thanks for your business!

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